Concrete accessibility ramp with handrails outside a building with green siding and a white door, enhancing entry for all.

ADA Ramp Contractors Lincoln NE

Most people don’t even think about how they cross the street or enter a building. They go on with their day to day lives on autopilot. But what about people with mobility or sight issues who also need to access buildings and sidewalks?

Accessibility is a right, not a privilege. Sidewalks and curbs need to be designed so that all people regardless of their mobility can travel with efficiency and ease. The American Disabilities Act (ADA) protects and enforces this right for all citizens. 

Lincoln Concrete Company in Lincoln, Nebraska, is your local expert contractor for installing ADA curb and entrance ramps. We also offer ADA parking lot services for commercial property owners to help them create a parking lot that is compliant and accessible. 

An ADA compliant commercial concrete ramp has to be built to specific measurements regarding the ramp slope and length to ensure accessibility and safety. Compliance means that the ramp can not be more than 1 inch in height, for every 12 inches in length and a minimum of 36 inches wide. 

ADA Concrete Sidewalk Ramps

At LCC we can seamlessly perform the ADA curb ramp installation so the sidewalk flows without any obstacles to those who use wheelchairs or scooters for mobility. This feature also benefits parents pushing strollers and bicyclists. 

We use a strong concrete mix and assure that it is smooth as it cures to reduce friction and allow for ease of movement. 

Contractors at LCC will ensure that each ramp is constructed with a gradual slope and consistent level for ease of use. The transitions are flush with the end of the sidewalk and the curb. 

Rest assured that the ramps we install in the Lancaster County area meet all legal requirements and are built to last for years while also making it easier for citizens with special needs to access sidewalks. 

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Concrete accessibility ramp with handrails outside a building with green siding and a white door, enhancing entry for all.

ADA Compliant Curb Ramps

Access to an ADA compliant curb ramp is extremely important for someone who relies on a wheelchair or scooter for mobility, or has sight issues and needs a gradual decline or incline. 

We ensure that the slope of the ramp ends where the gutter adjacent to the curb begins in order to prevent tripping and falling. 

We can help answer questions as to whether or not your curb ramp requires a tactile warning surface. If a tactile warning surface is required, it must meet specific dimensions set forth by the ADA. 

Our company also provides ADA parking lot services in Lincoln, NE that will transform your parking lot through the method of universal design into one that is user friendly and compliant with the regulations for people with disabilities. 

LCC can help you meet the following ADA requirements for your parking lot.  

  • Curb ramp installation
  • ADA parking signage
  • Handicap parking stall striping
  • Crosswalk painting
  • ADA compliant sidewalks
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