Ongoing Concrete-Resurfacing

Concrete Driveway Replacement in Lincoln, NE

When your driveway is beyond repair, it is time to call Lincoln Concrete Company for Driveway Replacement Services. We are located in Lincoln, Nebraska and serve the Lancaster County area. We are licensed experts in replacing concrete driveways and will perform the driveway removal before building your replacement. 

How do you know when it is time to tear out and replace your existing driveway? When you hire LCC for driveway replacement services, we look for specific things that indicate the driveway is beyond repair. We recommend you replace your driveway when we see any of the following: 

  • Potholes
  • Large cracks that are interconnected
  • Multiple areas of repair
  • Water drainage issues that cause water to flow towards your house
  • The driveway is over 20 years old and has one or more of the above issues

Residential Driveway Replacement

For residential driveways, we start with concrete removal. Depending on the area of the driveway, concrete removal with Lincoln Concrete can take anywhere from a few hours to a whole day. After the demolition process, we can begin the installation of the new driveway. 

We use concrete cutting to create the slabs that will make up your driveway. This process allows cutting through thick concrete to create concrete slabs of a specific shape and size that are nice and even

The ideal temperature for new driveway installation is at 70 degrees, making fall or spring the best time of year. It can be done in the summer or winter as long as temperatures are not too extreme. 

Your driveway replacement contractors will let you know if you need to schedule your driveway installation at a later date when weather conditions are ideal.  

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Ongoing Concrete Driveway Replacement

Decorative Concrete Driveway Replacement

Who says your driveway needs to be plain to be functional? As a premier concrete driveway replacement company, Lincoln Concrete offers decorative concrete options to liven up your driveway and set it apart from your neighbors’ driveways. Two decorative options are:  

Stamped Concrete

Enhance the look of your driveway and increase the value of your home with a unique look created with stamped concrete. Rather than a plain concrete driveway, it can look like slate, tile, brick, or natural stone to set your home apart from your neighbors. Color can be added to create a more authentic look. 

Stained Concrete

Staining your concrete driveway creates a rich color that can not be achieved by paints and other pigmentation. Rather than an opaque color, the translucent colors produced through staining can create the effect of wood, stone, marble, or tanned leather. 

Commercial Driveway Replacement

We are your premier contractor for commercial driveways. Does your business need an upgrade or replacement? Our contractors provide expert craftsmanship and timely service. We have the equipment and experience to take on jobs of all sizes and scopes.

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